BerryNote for Simplenote®

It is with great honor and pleasure that we welcome into the world our first app, BerryNote for Simplenote®.

BerryNote for Simplenote® is a Simplenote® client built natively for the BlackBerry® Playbook. It features a clean and minimal interface with a speedy backend to provide you with the best gateway to your Simplenote® notes available on your PlayBook tablet.

BerryNote always syncs on startup to make sure that all of your notes are in sync with the server and with the other people you might be collaborating with.

BerryNote features a fast and robust editor for easily creating and editing your notes. The app supports landscape and portrait modes to fit whichever typing style you prefer. You can also minimize the title bar while editing. Just swipe down from the bezel and watch the bar disappear.

BerryNote also integrates with the Simplenote® trash feature, which gives you the ability to recover notes that you have moved to the trash. From the trash, you can either recover or permanently delete the notes, depending on what fits you best.

BerryNote features search-as-you-type to help you find those notes that go missing. It searches within the content of all of your notes, making it so you will never lose a note again!

What’s next, you might ask? Several features are on the docket for the next release:

  • Tags
  • Pinned Notes
  • Sharing
  • Lists
  • Support for Markdown Enabled Notes

Much more is on its way as well, so stay tuned for updates!

Ready to download BerryNote? It’s available on the BlackBerry AppWorld right here and coming to Android and iOS in the near future as well.